Side by Side Literary Productions

“Hats off to our woman of many hats, literary agent, midwife, and wordsmith par excellence Laurie Bernstein. She’s the Jerry Maguire of Agents.”


15 West 26th Street | 2nd floor | New York , NY 10010

About Side by Side

Side by Side Literary Productions, Inc. is a boutique literary agency that represents a range of quality commercial fiction and non-fiction titles.   The agency maintains a small, exclusive list of authors so that we can give personalized focus to each and every client.  Forward thinking, the agency recognizes that the role of the literary agent has changed and that to be effective in today’s market place requires we assume not only the responsibilities of a traditional agency (project and proposal development, placement of projects in leading house, and guiding the book through every phase of the publishing process) but also embrace a role that is more akin to that of a production company for our clients. We understand that our responsibility to our clients is not only to shape their books, but to be a strategic partner who can help make the necessary alliances and strategic plays to build an author’s platform and wherever applicable realize the potential for turning great concepts and books into sustainable franchises.


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